TGA Badge on profile

I’ve just noticed that some people have the Time Ghost Army badge on their profile, I assume this comes from the Patreon support. How is that added? I’ve been supporting for a while and just noticed that I’ve not got it on my profile.

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I think :thinking: it depends on the Patreon/TG level. I demoted myself to regular and stil have the leaves :leaves: thing. Not sure where they start. I am at the Brigadeer level (which makes a big dent in my budget) but any support to this monumental project is super.

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I’m at the “TG ARMY SPECIALIST” level so both

  • Your questions for ‘Out of the Foxholes’ will be prioritised
  • Access to exclusive Behind the Scenes material/vlogs

apply to me but seems like neither happen, though I’m not sure if anything has happened for that 2nd one.