Talk me into a subscription

Hi all,

Found the great war videos about 12 months ago and am really enjoying the content there. I’m seriously considering purchasing a subscription to the sites. I’d like to know exactly what preferred access gives me compared to what I can see for free (outside of the fuzzy warm feelings created by supporting you).

Also, what extra do I get with preferred access to the hosts in the higher tiers (I have no idea who the hosts are).

Thanks. It won’t take much to push me over the edge to purchase, but I’d like to know what I’m getting first.

Keep up the good work.


Hi there, let me try to persuade why you should subscribe to the channel.

Aside from getting a warm, fuzzy feeling, or perhaps getting a great fire building from deep within your heart from arguing why Germany lost WW2 (See the following (Why Nazi Germany Lost WW2 - an analysis) for reference), you can get many great perks from subscribing For small contributions, you’ll be able to get site exclusive content, such as videos that won’t be uploaded to Youtube. Additionally, you’ll get to watch the videos right here on the site without ads.

For larger contributions you’ll be able to get access to live monthly Q&As with our great hosts Indy and Spartacus (They’re both really great, giving detailed answers with factual basis), get physical and digital gimmicks (postcards at the moment). Get to vote on what videos will be produced later on, perhaps a piece of history from your country forgotten by time would be nice. Also, get a chance to meet Indy and Spartacus in Germany (they’re based in Germany) and have a pretzel and beer with them while lament about the state of the economy which no one actually understands.

The best thing is to have your name be immortalized in the end credits as one of the contributors of the largest effort to create a historical website which will continue to educate the future generation about the past and the present.

For more information about the perks which you’ll get from subscribing, visit our Patreon webpage at the following link:
TimeGhost Patreon Page

or you can watch this video for more persuasion:

Hope you do subscribe. And let’s make history together :smiley:


Thank you @hir4yug4 for stepping in - you’re a star as always!!!


Thanks for the info. The exclusive content was just what I needed to push me over the edge and sign up. Looking forward to the rest of the great war, between the wars and the WW2 project.

Thanks for joining and for the support!

I just increased my subscription level. With @Spartacus and @Indy stepping up their planned content, it’s more than worth it.

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We’re mighty grateful!

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Sounds cool, moreover being a tiny part of this monumental project feels great to me.

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