Synch Great War to Odysee?

I realize the viewership on Odysee (front end to LBRY) is tiny compared to YT, but it is growing from 25-30 views for earliest episodes of WW2 to up to 500 views on episodes in last several weeks.

Even though The Great War series was a cooperative venture, is there any way you could synch that channel to Odysee/LBRY?

Odysee offers a feature for channels, with sufficient subscribers, to automatically synchronize content from your YouTube channel to a new channel on Odysee/LBRY. With this tool there should be very little effort involved, but it provides a lots of great content to a wider audience. Also, given the way YT monetization works, the older content won’t affect your YT account in any discernible way. This is especially useful for teachers who want to reference or provide links to your content to students, but they want to avoid the YT advertising.

Thanks for putting up WW2, the short series, and Betweeen 2 Wars. I am very grateful.


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