Swiss gun down two British planes (7-13-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (July 16, 1943)

Swiss gun down two British planes

Berne, Switzerland (UP) –
Swiss anti-aircraft gunners shot down two British planes early Tuesday morning, an official army announcement stated today.

The army headquarters communiqué said:

An inquiry into the causes of the crash of British planes at Bouveret and Sion early Tuesday demonstrates that both were downed by our anti-aircraft.

The British planes which crashed in Switzerland were apparently of the force that attacked Turin in northern Italy Monday night.

The Swiss government several times has protested that planes of the belligerents violate the country’s neutrality by flying over it on their missions.


Are we sure the British were there to bomb them? They could be rogue Brits who could not take the taste of tea anymore and wanted Swiss Chocolate


The Swiss still have difficulty in making up their minds. The danish army want to give 6 armed personnel carriers to Ukraine, but guess what: they are Swiss made, and now we are not allowed by the Swiss government to send them to Ukraine.