Swedes not Sweden to Finland's Rescue - WW2 - 021 - January 19 1940

Originally published at: http://timeghost.tv/swedes-not-sweden-to-finlands-rescue-ww2-021-january-19-1940/

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailLink As the Winter War rolls on the only help the Finns are getting are from volunteers. The Western Allies still have their thoughts in Norway, little do they know that the Phony​ War almost ends this week… Follow WW2 day by day on Instagram @World_war_two_realtime https://www.instagram.com/world_war_two_realtime/ Between 2 Wars: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrG5J-K5AYAU1R-HeWSfY2D1jy_sEssNG Join…

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