Sweden throughout the war

We already know that Sweden was trading with Germany and the Allies but what was their current situation? What about the army? Did they have defensive plans of an attack by either Germany or the Allies?
Were there any plans to do so by Germany or the Allies?
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Today is the 29th of May, so I thought I’d tell you that it’s the Swedish Homeguard’s (Hemvärnet) 80th birthday. That means that last year in the series (1940) the Swedish Homeguard was founded on this day.

I wrote a message about it on the Discord server, but it didn’t get much attention and now the Discord server is no longer around. Last year on the 79th anniversary we celebrated with the first ever Uniform At Work Day, but it was cancelled this year for obvious reasons.

I decided to make a post about it: 80th anniversary of the Swedish Homeguard