Suggested future episodes

  1. An episode linking strategy for Ovetlord with strategy for Bagration. They were historically linked.

  2. The rise, operation of and legacy of war industrialism in both the United States and Canada. Canada owes its entire aviation industry to the war and Malton (now part of Mississauga) was the template for suburbs. Inglis of Toronto is another good example of large wartime manufacturers that did not survive post-war.

  3. The construction of wartime housing in Canada, still a built legacy.

  4. The role of labour, strikes and unions in the UK, United States and Canada. So much current policy goes back to this era, or is reaction to this era’s policies.

  5. The Allied nuclear effort: Tube Alloys, the Manhattan Project and the Montreal Laboratory.

  6. A profile of the Eldorado Refinery in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada where all American uranium ore was refined (in Canada) into Uranium Hexaflouride. The plant is still in operation today I live a half-hour’s drive north of it.