Statement by President Roosevelt on the 6th War Loan Drive (11-19-44)

Statement by President Roosevelt on the Sixth War Loan Drive
November 19, 1944, 10:00 p.m. EWT


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Ladies and gentlemen:

The Sixth War Loan Drive that starts tomorrow is something more than just a money-raising affair.

We cannot all fight the enemy face to face. We cannot all produce the weapons and the raw materials that are so vital to our Armed Forces.

But there is one front on which all of us – every man, woman, and child – can serve, and serve for the duration. We can all practice self-denial. We can all sacrifice some of our comforts to the needs of the men in service; and yes, even some of our needs to their comforts.

The war in the present month of November alone will cost us seven and one-half billions of dollars. That is 250 millions a day.

That is why every war bond that you buy is so important.

The war is not over – no, not by many a costly battle. While we have every reason to be proud of what has been done – even optimistic about the ultimate outcome – we have no reason to be complacent about the tough road that still lies ahead of us.

We have just been through a wartime election, demonstrating to the people of the world the deep roots of our democratic faith.

This Sixth War Loan, I am confident, will be a further example of democracy in action in a world at war.

There is an old saying about sticking to the plow until you have reached the end of the furrow. Every rule of common sense and patriotic thought makes that maxim applicable to our conduct in this war.

And so, in the name of our wounded and sick, in the name of our dead, and in the name of future generations of Americans, I ask you to plow out this furrow to a successful and victorious end.