Stalingrad Simulation

This simulation sounds really interesting, and I wish there were a way for us to see it.


Referring to the buildings of Stalingrad as being “left in shambles after the battle” indicates either a huge understatement or that the writer has no concept about what “left in shambles” means in English. “Left in ruins” would be a lot closer to the mark.

I don’t doubt that the particular lessons of infantry combat in Stalingrad are still relevant, as few modern innovations would have made a difference in that kind of short-range, intensive fighting in built-up areas.


Very good points, it is very interesting as a simulation and history but current tech and the attitude to non-combatants/ “illegal combatants” has changed a lot. Also especially the logistic capability is much better with even reaper drones being controlled from the other end of the :earth_americas:.

I studied at the AMU and had a lot of military class mates and others in history and all these simulations like battlefront games where very popular. Actually the modern ones were more applicable to now.

Using Stalingrad as a city might also grab more attention.

They have lots of stuff on it and use it to apply doctrine to it. They avoid the question on how to handle it in a modern context. But still is cool to watch.

Scroll down from Stalingrad :cold_face:to recent battles in their series. An I am sure every Army has simulations scenarios that are secret for diplomatic reasons



Interesting as a study of history. Not so much as a guide to current warfare but infantry tactics are timeless.

Logistics are indeed better but logistic needs are also much increased. Hard to imagine a fight of that size today as no country has militaries like that currently nor the infrastructure to support them.