SS Manhattan seized (2-4-40)


On February 4, 1940, the American luxury liner SS Manhattan was seized by British forces in Gibraltar and released after 390 sacks of mail bound for Germany were confiscated.



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Thank you very much. It’s election year in America, so get ready for some juicy stuff. I hope they talk about this incident. :wink:


For a second I thought you meant 2019, but yeah FDR is running for his 3rd term. Which reminds me, Wendell Willkie is the only other person besides Donald Trump to be a major party nominee for President in US history to have never been in politics or the military before election day. :open_mouth:


Of course not, silly!

I may use photos from the 1996, 2000, 2004 elections as references for colorization, but it sure ain’t 2019.