Some ideas and a couple of questions


I’d love to see peoples pledge levels/patreon levels as a badge of some kind that shows our support for the show.

Similar to what the groups have next to their profile picture.

Also, have you guys launched the WWII site?, I see it was scheduled for April 14th but I can’t see any further updates regarding it.

Do you guys also have any info on the following?:
Access to development forum to discuss new program ideas.
Access to members only groups, chat & forum
Vote in the quarterly Set the TG Clock event

Loving the content so far!


We have that - but it’s not automated yet, so it always takes some time for us to update the list. Look for an officer’s badge on the user. We’ll be running another update in the next days, but I will update your status manually in a moment and then you will also be given the right badge. On that note, thanks for your amazing support and already great contribution in feedback!

This has been delayed due to the start of BETWEEN 2 WARS, the site will be going up some time before August 10th though.

When we add you to the Officer’s group you will gain access to the officer’s lounge - to be honest it’s not very active at the moment though since both we and active officers have been pretty much focused on B2W.

We’re expanding his continuously - the Officer’s Lounge is the first step. At the moment Indy and I are a bit overwhelmed by the workload and we’re not big enough to hire any help yet.

The first vote has been announced for the end of this quarter / beginning of next as we have no capacity at the moment to start anything new. I’m hoping that we can begin the effort to gather ideas very soon.

Again. thanks for being a part of the effort and welcome to the officer’s club!