"socialism is when state do thing"

I got to wonder where does thisdefinition come from because with this one it feel like everyone is a socialist(guy like nicolas sarkozy would be socialist since he was in the state and did stuff) ,I would reccomand reading the timeghost article on the “nazi were socialist” thing : https://timeghost.tv/national-socialism-an-extreme-left-wing-ideology/



where did you find this definition?

Also I think that according to the article it’s “nazi were socialist?” With a question-mark and I think the whole article says tha no they weren’t.


It comes mostly from right wing propaganda that is keen to “prove” that “everything right = good” and “everything left = bad”.

It also ignores the malicious influence that non-state actors such as corporations can have.


In the Netherlands there was the SDAP, Social Democratic Labour Party. There is a giant difference.

TIK history ,somehow he still believe in “the nazi were socialist” and made a 5h long video on that

Well, he seems to believe that Hitler invented something totally new called “national socialism” that doesn’t have anything to do with the socialism as we know it from Marx…

Sooo he agrees nazi were not socialist (the broad use of the term) they were according to TIK history another version of socialists.

So if I am to say that Indy is not a mathematician with the broad use of the term but some new kind of historic mathematician then I could make som noise and bring people to my channel :wink: