Should I binge-watch or abstain?

Hey, just started watching WW2 in Real Time a few weeks ago. I watched The Great War religiously and loved it, and I really liked the “real time” aspect of the production. Currently, I’m caught up to exactly one year ago (May 1940/2019) and I’m wondering if I should now watch the show on a weekly basis, or just binge-watch to catch up to the present day (May 1941/2020). I would be losing the “real time” aspect for a whole year of the war; I just wanted to know what I’m losing by not catching up to the present day. Thanks.


I’m starting to watch too, and frankly, it’s up to you. I personally want to get caught up for livestreams, and I fell behind in the Great War and never got caught up. Right now I’m playing Fallout 3 (new mods, at least to me for a 12 year old game) and listening to it as I loot and shoot, cause after a point, Indy becomes more informative than Three Dog.

Also, do you really want drag this out? Cause…Time Ghost is somewhat mercifully not going over Japanese atrocities as the war is happening but every week the Nazis are doing something more horrible and to my eyes stupid evil, while the Soviets seem tamer cause they already did most of their killing…for now. Every week when I hear Poland, I know I’m about to be traumatized. I don’t want to drag this out until May 8th, 2026. I want to see Hitler die as soon as possible. The leaders of this era…they’re the just the worst. Not all of them but most of them.

The Great War series is something to be savored, it’s sad, tragic, and full of human pathos. World War II is uglier in every single way. Frankly I’m watching these videos as fast as I can without being overwhelmed or breaking out into weeping.


I would try to catch up before June 22nd (wink wink, nudge nudge). Could be interesting from that point forward.

I don’t know why, though, it is maybe just a hunch.


Well, for normal viewers it’ll last until may 8, 2024, right? I was suggesting making it last one year longer to 2025. But I think I’ve gotten good advice that I should probably watch about 2-3 eps a day to catch up before june 22nd (1941/2020) before i fall behind on the more eventful last years of the war like @marsattacks said.


I assume that they at least go on until September 2024. I really like the “Real time” format