Shifting social media platforms

As announced when we started the Facebook TGA group, it was the beginning of our proper forums.

Now that the TimeGhost Army Forum is up and running here at we will be gradually shifting away from using the FB group as our main communication platform, towards using the forum. As a result we will stop accepting new members to the TimeGhost Army group. In a few weeks the same will happen with the WW2 HQ FB group. Our Facebook activities will then take place over the public TimeGhost and WW2 page. When posts (like this one) need to be seen on Facebook we will share them from the forum.

The forum offers number of advantages over facebook.

  • user registration is integrated with our sites
  • the forum offers a better platform form ore detailed and content rich discussions
  • the forum is our commenting and discussion function for videos and articles on the sites
  • these comments are visible on the site under the article, or video
  • users can receive different permissions so that our membership tiers are reflected
  • we have greater flexibility in offering you possibilities to take part in content decisions via better poll functionalities and document sharing
  • it’s not facebook

Joining the TimeGhost Army Forum is and will remain free, while the higher tiers of ot paying members will receive some advantages and special access.

IMPORTANT - For security reasons you can only sign up on the site - not the forum - if you’re signing up for the first time, you will be directed automatically to the site sign up.

If you’re member via Patreon, or Kickstarter you’re already registered automatically, but your user credentials need to be activated on your first log in. This first log in must also happen via

To join the forum please do one of the following:

You have not subscribed to membership via Kickstarter, or via Patreon:

  1. Go to and click sign up
  2. Chose your membership tier
  3. Sign up and you will receive login credentials both for and the TimeGhost Army Forum

You have subscribed to membership via Kickstarter, or Patreon

  1. Go to Go to
  • Alternative 1.
  1. enter the email you used on Kickstarter, or Patreon and press reset password - this generates an email to that address
  2. Go to the email and follow the instructions
  3. You’re good to go
  • Alternative 2.
  1. Sign in using your Patreon login AGAIN: the first time you sign in with Patreon credentials you MUST sign in on
  2. You’re good to go

We hope to see you on the forum very soon! Let’s make history!


It’s great that you try to steer clear of Facebook. I’ve not been a member for roughly five years now and hope that the company will go belly up soon after all the drama lately.
I have to say that the forum software here is really nice. Normally I’m not all that much into traditional forums (I’m more of a reddit guy), but some small things, like the way quote replies are hidden by default and can easily be expanded, are quite fancy.