Series idea for Youtube channel

Hello Indy and the Time Ghost Army Team. Im new to this fourm and have been a viewer of the of the World War 2 day by day and TimeGhost History Youtube Channels for over a year. I do not know the process that you use to create your content such as the Suez Crisis and Indonesian War on Independence series, But i have an idea for a new possible Series. The idea is to cover the First IndoChina War. When France tried to re-colonize what is Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia today. I realize the war lasted nearly 9 years but you can touch on the key points of the conflict that lead to the overall collapse of French control in Southeast Asia. Please let me know what you think???


This sounds like a great Idea, TG already did Indonesia. When I was a child I did meet a number of veterans from Dien Bien Phu which was a very nasty battle. Outside France this battle is not very well known as there are far more movies of the later American involvement.


Thank you Chewbacca. I watched the Indonesia series it was well done and the archive footage was amazing. Yes it was, Dien Bien Phu was a massacre for the troops France sent to fight there. True Frances war in Vietnam was not as well covered as the Americas war. I hope my Idea gets noticed by someone and they like it enoungh to put it in to production. Frances involvement in Vietnam after WW2 deserves to be covered.