Seniors at Rutgers vote fourth term ‘if’ (11-22-42)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 22, 1942)

Seniors at Rutgers vote fourth term ‘if’

New Brunswick, New Jersey (UP) – (Nov. 21)
Seniors at Rutgers University would favor President Roosevelt for a fourth term in 1944 if the war is still in progress, according to the annual senior poll completed today by the Targum, the undergraduate newspaper.

The President, who was also named “most important world figure,” has been opposed generally in previous polls, and ran second to Wendell Willkie in campus popularity.

Those seniors not voting for the President would like to see Mr. Willkie, Governor Thomas E. Dewey or Vice President Henry A. Wallace succeed him, in that order.

The consensus was that the war will end in 1944. The Army Air Force proved an overwhelming favorite among the various branches of the armed services, with the Navy ranking second.

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