Sean's need for a prosthetic right arm

Dear fellow TGA members,

I would be most grateful if you would take a moment to look at my amputated right arm GFM page. Three years have gone by since the amputation, and I still don’t have any prosthetic device. I’m reaching out to my fellow TGA members to ask for your help, so I can finally procure a prosthetic arm.
(Link is below)

Thank you in advance for our TGA’s kind consideration in this matter !
Best regards
Sean Poltzer


Hey Sean,

I still don’t think your handling of the whole shout-out thing was very cool, but you did own up to your mistake & If Joram can forgive you, so can I. Here is some cash. I can’t image what I would do in your shoes & I hope that you reach your goal soon!

Best wishes, Marcus


Marcus, im grateful for your help, and surely hope you live a long nd healthy life, and not have to deal w/ what im going through. I sent you a thank you message through GFM, check it out. Again thanks for your support.