Sailors helping the enemies sailors when they were afloat after a sea battle


Hey Indy and the crew! I would like to know how the war effected sailors from different navys. Did they help and rescue enemy sailors who were afloat after a battle, and if so, did the enemy sailors become POW’s. I listened the Sabaton’s song “Bismarck”, and in the video a German sailor is being rescued by British ones, so I wanted to know did these kinds of event happen during the war and on what scale? Keep up the great work!


Great question! I’d like to know more about this also.


It happened on both sides, but a stationary ship – even something as small as a corvette or minesweeper and even clearly performing rescues – was an enticing target for torpedo or air attack. The commander of a ship must always have had to balance the humanitarian desire to save lives (friendly or not) with the serious risk of becoming another victim and losing not only the survivors of the previous attack but also the crew of his own ship. Morally speaking, this is a decision that has no default “right” answer.