Ruth Millett: Wouldn't the ladies talk if the Army drafted them? (5-6-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (May 6, 1941)

We, the women –

Feminine sex would want to run things their way and, if they didn’t, ears would burn

By Ruth Millett

What would happen if the Army drafted women between the ages of 21 and 36 – just as the men are being drafted – and herded thousands of them together in training camps?

Boy, oh boy, then Uncle Sam would have a problem on his hands.

Camp talk would go something like this:

Who does Sergeant Smith think she is anyhow – telling me where to get off? I’ll show her a thing or two. I’ll ruin that parade tomorrow if it’s the last thing I ever do.

They say Pvt. Jones is the most wasteful kid in camp. You ought to see the potato peelings when she gets through. My dear, there’s more potato on the peelings than there is left to cook.

Did you ever in your life see such a poor tent-keeper as Pvt. Brown? Her tent’s always a mess. I declare I don’t see how she gets away with it. Well, she won’t for long. She’ll get what’s coming to her – mark my words.

Isn’t it a scream the way Pvt. White wears her army hat? Every time I look at her, I want to laugh. Some women just haven’t any style sense at all.

Have you noticed how the blonde lieutenant is putting on airs since she was made captain? Strutting around, showing off that new bar as though nobody had ever seen a captain before. A little success certainly is that rumation of a lot of people.

I’m thoroughly disgusted with the way this whole thing is being run. I think we ought to organize a new training camp. Let’s see what could we call it? Well, never mind, we can figure that out later. The main thing is to start a camp of our own and run it to suit ourselves. We’ll be mighty particular who we let in.

Yes, Uncle Sam would have a hard time with the ladies – if he ever tried in coop them up together. It would take an army to keep them from engaging in civil war.