Rules of conduct

These are the Rules of Conduct across all TimeGhost forums. They apply on the YouTube channels WW2, TimeGhost, our Facebook pages, Instagram, the Reddit pages, Twitter, and here in this forum.


STAY CIVIL AND POLITE at least try - we will delete egregious insults and any personal attacks.
AVOID PARTISAN POLITICS AS FAR AS YOU CAN we reserve the right to cut off vitriolic debates.
HATE SPEECH IN ANY DIRECTION will lead to a ban.
RACISM, XENOPHOBIA, OR SLAMMING OF MINORITIES will lead to an immediate ban.
THE PROMOTION OF EXTREME, VIOLENT IDEOLOGIES IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN This includes the justification, or promotion of ideologies, regimes, and systems that have historically or are inherently contrary to the principles of democracy and human rights. To be clear some of these ideologies are Naziism, Fascism, Colonialism, Imperialism, Leninism, Stalinism, Revolutionary Socialism, Integral Nationalism and any other ideology that promotes authoritarianism, and a disregard for inalienable individual rights as outlined in the UDHR. Regimes that fall under this rule are for example: Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the British Empire, Colonial France, pre-emancipation USA, Imperial Japan, Communist China, the USSR and any similar systems and regimes. While an academic discussion of these ideologies and regimes is permitted, even desired, any value statements or comparative posts to extoll their positive sides will be deleted, and may lead to a ban.
Here’s why:
It is objectively true that the authoritarian regimes we cover in our series, be they far-left or far-right, were willing to use systematic oppression, violence, and murder to create or maintain their preferred system of governance. From the perspective of human rights, democracy, and plain decency, this is clearly unacceptable. Now, that is, of course, a morally absolute statement based on 21st-century morals and ethics. Therefore, in our content, we refrain from any such judgement and just tell the story as it is. We’re concerned only with the past. We don’t take sides, and we don’t decide which side deserves more blame than the other.

Our comment section, however, is not taking place in the past. Our comments are made in the present-day, and political comments such as the ones we don’t allow are promoting a present-day agenda by whitewashing, diminishing, or even justifying the crimes of a past regime. We will not allow for such rhetoric in the same way most democratic European countries (where we create this content) won’t allow for such rhetoric. As historians, our very work depends on this so that we can continue interrogating the past free from political influence.