Roosevelt suspends duties to help supply Chinese (7-2-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (July 2, 1941)


Hyde Park, July 2 (UP) –
President Roosevelt last night completed America’s part of a reciprocal bargain under which American supplies can flow freely into China over the Burma Road.

By proclamation, Mr. Roosevelt suspended tonnage duties and discriminatory imposts on vessels of British Burma reaching United States ports.

The suspension, retroactive to June 10, also lifts the tonnage duties and imposts on Burmese produce and manufactures reaching this country in Burmese vessels or produce and manufactures from any country reaching here in Burmese vessels.

War not mentoned

The proclamation made no mention of China’s war with Japan and the material aid flowing in increasing quantity from the United States to the Chinese government. But it was obviously designed to facilitate the flow of American material to Burma, where it is placed in trucks for shipment over the Burma Road to interior China and the fighting fronts.

Mr. Roosevelt last night also virtually completed work on bills for the fiscal year which began July 1, signing five money measures which round out record-braking total appropriations of over $33 billion. He also signed the bill extending the life of the Commodity Credit Corp. for two more years and in increasing its bind authorization from $1,400,000,000 to $2,650,000,000.

The bulls were flown here from Washington. Only one fiscal bill, the $1,030,000,000 deficiency measure, was still to be signed. It was not included in the special pouch flown here.

Within a few minutes after receiving the pouch, Mr. Roosevelt signed these bills.

  • The $1,340,000,000 appropriation for the Agriculture Department and the farm subsidy program.

  • The $910,905,000 relief bill to finance South America.

  • The $1,195,861,940 appropriation for the Labor Department and the Federal Security Administration, which includes funds for enforcement of the wage-hour law.

  • The $25,002,256 legislative appropriation to pay salaries of Congress.

  • The $54,183,106 appropriation for District of Columbia operating expenses.

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