Rommel and North Africa

I was always wondering, but why didn’t Rommel recruited another panzer general like, say Guderian, to help him out in North Africa? Wouldn’t that have helped out with taking the load off Rommel and the German/Italian troops?


I think because the north African campaign wasn’t a priority at that time, they were focusing on operation Barbarossa.

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Idk. I mean you’re right. But you also have a front that close to the oil fields of the middle East. That is a big strategic thing too :sweat_smile:

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Ikr, imo Hitler should’ve focused on that front helping Rommel till they kicked the British “again” then focus everything on the USSR.

Note, I don’t like nazis, but history literally shows how things can be changed by one decision

Plus, Germany sent troops not as their priority, but to prop up Italian failures in the region. I’m sure I am wrong but I’m trying to remember ANY instances of Italians actually doing any favors for Germany in this conflict militarily…

You got me there. Italian troops sucked in WW2, but they had their victories. But I just don’t think it would’ve been smart to attack a country 10x bigger than you when you have another front. Africa (in contrast to what most ww2 historians say), have many valuable resources. If Rommel had a say, Guderian, to help, it would’ve been a fatal blow to the British and French

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Agree there but I might foresee serious transportation issues even if they held the territory.

I kinda see it too, unless they built some roads or some bases that would’ve helped made transportation easier

I was referring more towards transportation back to Germany or Italy, the Mediterranean was a mess. Thanks