Road Map for Between 2 Wars?

Hey - just wondering if it would be possible if you guys (if you get time) could make a road map for what Between 2 Wars episodes you have filmed? Doesn’t have to have a release date as I know you’re busy but it’d be nice to know what awesome stuff we have coming?

Or if you’ve already done one could someone link it in the replies?


So - any update?
Any idea when we could expect the next episode of B2W?
I know you guys are busy with WW2 and I love that series - but it would be nice to hear something from Joram or Sparty.


Hey, we have many B2W episodes coming up, but if theres a hickup in our workflow, the B2W episodes are the first to take the hit. Wieke has been on vacation for two weeks, which means that progress was slow. We expect the next Between Two Wars episode to launch today actually.

About the Roadmap: We have filmed several episodes. Others are fully researched and many others are planned and are still subject to change. I’ll share the filmed and the written episodes with you for now.

1927 02 Civil Aviation
1928 01 Goldener Zwantziger (Germany’s Golden Twenties)
1929 01 The Big Crash

1929 02 Yugoslavia
1930 01 The British empire and commonwealth
1932 01 Italian Colonialism


Awesome thank you Joram!

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Are there going to be no more China episodes until the 30’s? It seems like the break of the first United front should get an episode.