Rhine River Crossing

736th C Company at Rhine River Crossing.
Please note that 60 Minutes had a 40th year anniversary coverage of the crossing of the Rhine. My dad (Sgt. Harold Weisenburger of C Company, 736th Tank Battalion) had buddies on the East coast who phone everyone to tell them of the coverage. It was bogus! Only the big brass are featured and that is on day 3 or 4 – Long after the 736th was well on its way to the Elbe! They were the first to arrive – A company, I believe. Great film though which might be able to be used.
Another good source is the YouTube channel for Senator Bob Dole’s Library which has a presentation on General Simpson of the 9th. A funny end as he was told that to get the Brits off the bridge and get the US Army on it.
Dad had much to say about this night crossing by 17 amphibious tanks and 250 83rd Infantry men. They were to hold the bank for 24 hours or so. But due to “brutal counteroffensive” including Stuka Dive Bombers it was almost 3 full days.