Resources for basics of tanks,planes and ships?

Are there are resources for understanding the basics of a tank, plane and ships? I mean for very very basic stuff.


If you want a youtube channel on ships you should check out Drachinifel. He has in depth videos on almost all ships of WW1 and WW2 including several longer videos on topics such as propulsion, armour, gunnery, shells etc.


He is really good indeed thanks for the rip


Regarding Tank, the Youtube Channel of The Chieftain is a good one. Some are quite technical, but you can find a lot of more accessible video about specific tank (from WW1 to today).

Also the The Tank Museum (of Bovington) have a great youtube channel about… Tank :sweat_smile:
Their Bottom / Top 5 Tanks videos are quite fun and instructive to watch. (Don’t look at them if you are searching for 100% unbiased ressources, the idea is more giving personal opinion with sometime a touch of humor, on the subject).