Request for WWII special


Not sure where to place a request for WWII specials but here I’ll try. On The Great War channel there was a special about animals during the war. I would very much like to see a similar special for WWII. It would be very interesting to see how the role of animals did or didn’t change between the two wars and if there were any underappreciated roles that are overlooked in history.

Also please talk about the Polish bear that helped win Italy for the Allies!


On doing some research coughs and tries to hide his cat video watching habit on animals in WWII I came across this video.

At 2:00 the video speaks about the chief mousers during the war. And, I was thinking “If a cat attends war cabinet meetings, does that mean they aided the war effort?” Not sure if it’s enough to be added to the animal special (that I hope and pray gets made one day) but I thought I’d try to add more material as I come across it.