Request for Video - The Jewish Lufftwaffe Leadership - Wilberg and Milch and Out of the foxholes questoin on Dietl

Hi Timeghost. I have a request for a video. Last November 1941, General der Flieger Helmuth Wilberg died in a plane crash over Dresden. He has often been thought of as one of the Lufftwaffes best generals, even bieng called by Jaeckenae “the lufftwaffes natural leader”, and he even wrote their battle doctrine. The one thing was he was Jewish (well at least half) Please talk either in a bio episode or out of the foxholes about Wilberg. Frankly, Field Marshall Erhard Milch had a Jewish father that was also covered up. Wilberg and Milch would be an amazing video called “Jewish Lufftwaffe Leaders”.

Another Questoin I have is what is going on around Murmansk with Generaloberst Edourd Dietls forces. \

Please do not use my name.

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