Red Cross presence in select Concentration Camps

Hello Indy, Spartacus, and the whole team. My grandmother was in Bergen Belsen as a child of approximately 6 years old. This was later on the war when the Hungarian Jews were sent to the camps. She mentioned that she was allowed to stay with her family because at the time it was camp that was made available to the Red Cross to visit. I would like to hear more about that if possible, what was the situation in those camps, how many were there, why did they even exist?
Thank you!


Welcome to the Timeghost Army and first of all I would like to express my sympathy on what your family had to endure during these horrible years of war!
There was a KZ known as Theresienstadt that was used to incarcerated foremostly Jewish artists and women and children to make it a sort of ‘nice’ KZ, if such a thing would even be plausible. There is actually a very good film made about this camp, which was made like heaven on earth during a few days, The Red Cross visited it for inspection.
After they left the killing resumed, so…even the most ‘humane’ concentrationcamp was very much a killing ground and a place of horror and terror!
Never forget :pray: