Realtime Instagram Account


Hey everyone,

So i guess my first post here is a good one! We have created an Instagram account on which we will post one photo for every day of the war. It will become an amazing living archive of World War Two. We are currently catching up (since we only thought of this last week and the war has already been going on for over 40 days), but we plan to be on track next weekend. The announcement will also be made in this week’s episode, i’m just giving you all a heads up!

The account can be found on Instagram with the name @world_war_two_realtime

Cheers and nice to meet you!



Good idea! The more timeghost, the better :grin:


And if you haven’t checked it out yet - you should! @Joram is doing an amazing job to catch up with the first 50+ days of the war until this weekend. The insta feed is already a chillingly awesome document and hopefully we will be able to make our little contribution to honour the men, women and children whose lives were taken too early and unjustly on all sides in this war. Lest we forget.

Also… once again welcome to the team @Joram - it’s a pleasure to work with you.