Re Korea and massacres

The team is starting a new series on the Korean War after we are done WWII, according to Indy. I have written and been studying on the topic of American foreign policy as it relates to human rights alleged abuses, repression of dissent and massacres as they relate to good or bad foreign policy. Apparently, allegedly, the ROK did a number of massacres of dissenters in the time of the war and perhaps afterwards, but I do not remember the dates. I regard Korea as an American success story, but some would be disturbed perhaps by the massacres which took place. So, in the series on the Korean war, could we cover thoroughly two topics: 1) the degree to which the president or republic was acting like a military dictatorship and 2) the causes and alleged justification and results of any massacres of dissenters during or after the war? Oh, also, the ROK has been through several iterations of its republic. There is the First Republic, 2nd republic, 3rd republic, etc, each with some different characteristics . . . and various of these republics were more or less military controlled or dominated, officially or unofficially . . . Oh, for background on my questions, I think that the alternative and parallel scenarios were 1) the fall of the Shah of Iran and 2) the rule of Pinochet. However, additional parallel scenarios are the time of Franco, I suppose, and who knows which others. I believe that the Shah fell because he had doubts about the wisdom of his ruling and did not wish to use violence and bloodshed to sustain his rule, qualms which Khomenei did not have. The fall of the Shah was the unfortunate result of a perfect storm of lack of confidence and lack of US encouragement during the Carter years. (Or, that is my view, at this time.)

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