Questions about colorization website

Two questions:

  • I am currently reconsidering the look of my website. Should I change the look?
  • What were the main issues with the website?

Suggest improvements and help me on this. This website is nearly 5 months old.

I appreciate it.

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I’m a new user and use only the forum.
For reading the posts on the forums I don’t have improvements.
I might have a bug: (on my chrome-browser on my laptop) when a foto is bigger than the text-box it will be cut. See the first screenshot below.
I don’t have this problem on my phone. See the second screenshot below.
Do I have to change some settings or is this a common issue?


Well, photos larger than the box will appear to be cut. It’s a common issue (I am using a laptop).

To see the full image, you had to open it in a new tab.