Question about the Gleiwitz Incident (German False Flag Attack on the Polish Radio Station that caused the start of WW2)

Hi Guys! I posted the below question into the out of the Foxholes Question category but was really starting to wonder about my question posted below the more I keep looking into it. If any of you can point me in the direction of where I can find the primary sources showing the Gleiwitz incident of where the Germans used a false flag attack on their own radio station to start WW2 happened the way it is reported everywhere I would really appreciate it. For something as important as the event that started WW2 there is so little written about it. Below is the question I wrote into the out of the Foxholes section on the forum.

Hello TimeGhost team, can you talk about the “Gleiwitz incident” which was the German false flag attack on the Polish radio station that started WW2? I was looking into this event and trying to find the primary sources showing it was a false flag attack. I had trouble doing so and the info that I did find seemed very odd to me.

It seemed odd to me because from what I could find the story apparently came after the war from a single SS officer named Alfred Naujocks captured by the USA. He was being charged for war crimes and agreed to testify that he was told by Heydrick and Muller to plan and carry out the attack. Then after he testified that he planned and lead the attack he then escaped imprisonment, was then never tried for his war crimes and then wrote a book about the event called “The Man who Started the War”. He then died a few years after that (how was he not tried at that point after writing the book?). What is also weird to me about this is that apparently he had just joined the SS a few months before the war started. For a operation so important I would think Heydrich and Muller would pick someone with more experience not a new low ranking officer to plan and carry out the attack.

For something so important (it is the event that the war started off) I see little to no research on this event and can find no further proof that the Germans did carry out a false flag attack on the Polish radio station beyond this one SS man being tried for war crimes testimony.

I want to make clear also I am not saying the Germans did not attack the Polish radio station in a false flag attack. I would just like to know more about this event and if there is further proof that it happened as is the unquestioned story that it did in all stories of the war that I have heard.