Punishment pledged by Hull for ‘outrages’ (8-30-44)

U.S. State Department (August 30, 1944)

740.00116 EW/8–3044

Press Statement by the Secretary of State

August 30, 1944

The Polish Government has communicated to this Government details of the unprecedented brutality with which the Germans are acting against the unarmed and helpless civilian population of Warsaw. This communication states that without regard for age or sex, tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children are being herded into concentration camps where, under appalling conditions of want, they are being tortured and left to die.

We have repeatedly warned the Germans of the certain consequences of inhuman acts of this character. Those guilty of the present outrages against the civilian population of Warsaw will not escape the justice they deserve.

The Pittsburgh Press (August 30, 1944)

Punishment pledged for ‘outrages’

Washington (UP) –
Secretary of State Hull today denounced German ill-treatment of civilians in Warsaw and promised that the Nazis responsible for “the present outrages” will be punished.

Last night, the U.S. and British governments declared that Germans who fail to treat soldiers of the Polish Home Army according to the rules of war would face trial and punishment by the Allies as war criminals.