Prologue 2 Cuban Missile Crisis - The Cold War Heats Up

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For 13 days in October 1962 the world came closer to nuclear holocaust than ever before, but the Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t start in Cuba – it had its roots in Berlin, Italy and Turkey, the domestic political situation in the US facing the newly elected President John F Kennedy, and in the USSR,…

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I really like the series so far. But every-time I hear the time we were closest to nuclear war I get reminded of the Norwegian Rocket Incident ( Russia fuelled the missiles, opened the silos, and had target packages loaded. Both military advisor argued for firing according to doctrine. Boris Yeltsin avoid the end of the world but waiting.

While this is not going to a be a “proper” let’s go to nuclear war, the result would be the same. First strike from Russia and nuclear retaliation from US with end of the world as a result.

I would really like to have this added as a footnote or something.