Prologue 1 Cuban Missile Crisis - The Cold War Begins

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This series follows the Cuban Missile Crisis day, by day. In this initial prologue we explore some of the background to the crisis. During the 1950s the ideological divide between totalitarian Communism and democratic capitalism pits the USSR against the US as both super powers try to expand their sphere fo influence. In parallel…

Hey there! I enjoyed the CMC series. It’s a great start for timeghost. I’ve got a question, though. Why is Paris always used as an example when explaining the consequences of different nuke types? While I as a European am quite familiar with Paris, American or Asian viewers might be more familiar with different cities.

Paris is round, medium density for a mega city, landlocked so that all the explosive force is spent on the city, it’s relatively flat and, everyone knows it in their mind… in other words an example we can relate to and a structure that gives the best average effect.

Most other mega cities are coastal, above or below average population density, doesn’t have the ‘advantageous’ topography and shape, or are not as iconic to as broad an audience.

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