Profits from colorized photos?

I was curious about whether I (and many others who posted b&w and colorized photos) get paid for the submission of colorized photos. Or is this all for free? Keep us updated on this. It’s truly been an honor.

Let us know if there are any requirements for this.

P. S. I’m pretty new to the prospect of making money off the internet, so there’s that. Hell, I never thought of doing this until now.


Hey Norman! Right now, i’m afraid that we don’t have the funds to pay for photo colorizations. Other colorizers we work with let us use their work for free when we credit them or even volunteer to colorize upon request. We would love to professionalize the colorization of pictures, including hiring colorizers instead of relying on volunteers. But as I said, that’s not possible at the moment. We’re still struggling with our budget and production capacity/staff, and colorizitions are rather ‘nice to have’ (I know that that’s an understatement as the value of colorized pictures when it comes to bringing history to life is terrific). But from a produtction perspective they are not a top priority.

We really do greatly value to work that you and other people who helped with colorizations have done for us. We do understand that, if monetary compensation is very important to anyone helping us out, this answer would impact the ammount of work they would be able or willing to do with us, if any at all. But do know that we love the effort everyone put in thus far, and that without any volunteers at all, this show wouldn’t at all be as good as it is right now.

Feel free to follow up with more questions if you have them!


Thank you so much. I’m always glad to be a part of the show. BTW, in a few days, the 12th Academy Awards would commence (1940).


So, any progress?

P. S. I wish the best of luck for Norway and Denmark.


Is my Patreon account okay? I have it and I’m kinda stuck on it (I wanted a catchy intro). Should I state my involvement with TimeGhost?

Here it is!