Profiteering charge hurled by Kimmel at Hawaiians (9-19-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 19, 1941)


Admiral accuses Hawaii of failure to cooperate on defense

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Honolulu, Sept. 19 (UP) –
Hawaii today strood indicted by Admiral Husband E. Kimmel of profiteering at the expense of America’s armed forces and failing to support wholeheartedly the defense effort.

The chief of the U.S. fleet, in a speech to the Chamber of Commerce yesterday, charged that the territory had permitted the existence of rent gougers, had failed to hasten construction of vital highways, had permitted the telephone system to fall into disrepair, and had delayed in pressing other important defense matters.

He said the islanders must quit trying to maintain a “soft life” until the end of the emergency. He said:

Threat of Congressional action was necessary to force you to give proper consideration to passage of the so-called “M-Day” bill.

The bill is temporarily stalled in the territorial legislature by charges it would give Governor Joseph P. Poindexter totalitarian powers.

Admiral Kimmel warned

Space in shipping is valuable and will become increasingly so. Plan to bring in necessities and national defense items only. Bring these to the islands in quantities necessary to build up your stocks. Do not live on a shoestring.