President may seek daylight savings law (6-27-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (June 27, 1941)


Washington, June 27 (UP) –
President Roosevelt is considering asking Congress for legislation to place the entire nation on daylight savings time for the duration of the emergency, it was learned today.

Defense officials said the President has received reports of the office of Production Management and the Federal Power Commission concerning the feasibility of the change to conserve electricity used for lighting. Both agencies have approved the plan.

Rep. Eugene J. Keogh (D-NY) said that his daylight savings bill is now before the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee and that he expected hearings to be held soon on the measure. Several similar bills have been introduced, but preference has been given to Mr. Keogh’s.

Passage of the bill by Congress, it was said, would conserve 2% of the nation’s total power production, or more than 700,000 kilowatts from the nation’s top load of 40 million kilowatts.