POWs capture during the North African Campaign

As the North African Campaign is slowly coming to end. How were prisoners of war treated, captured, and where we they sent too? Such as when British forces captured Italian and German prisoners, where we’re they stationed, given to eat, and sent too? Same thing for British forces captured by the Axis. And lastly during the Tunisian campaign what happened to Allied POWs. Where they ferry across the Mediterranean Sea and sent to Sicily or no? Hope these questions can be answered and keep up the good work. Godspeed.


I know many Italian pow were brought to Scotland on the troop ships returning from taking reinforcements to Egypt. My grandfather was serving with the 8th army and my mother told me that Italian prisoners would come round a couple of times a week to look after their garden.
There is also a beautiful church in Orkney that was built by Italian pow and is now a Grade A listed building.