Post-war women to have luscious curves, broad shoulders, big feet (11-22-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 22, 1944)

The post-war woman –
She’ll have luscious curves, broad shoulders, big feet

Mannish styles of 1919 won’t follow this war, fashion experts agree
By Corrinne Hardesty, United Press staff writer

London, England –
The post-war woman will have luscious curves, broad shoulders and big feet, fashion experts predicted today.

In striking contrast to her sister of 1919, who flattened her bosom to the vanishing point, cropped her hair and wore mannish clothes, women after World War II will be an ample bundle of frills and flesh. Her measurements will be nearer to those of Venus de Milo than those of the thinnest Hollywood star.

Designers preparing for early spring showings, when some believe the European war will be over, were chary of discussing details of coming fashions. But all agreed that the revolt from uniforms and ration points will be violent and universal when it comes.

The war has caused a change in women’s figures, designers and officers of the women’s services pointed out. The officers said that whereas the average recruit was hipped on diet and slimming, she soon responded to a balanced menu and exercise. These made a new woman of her.

Good diets may be adding the curves, but war work is credited with giving women wider shoulders, while walking is the reason for bigger feet. Some manufacturers reported that the average woman’s feet are one size larger than in pre-war days.

Artificial shoulder padding in frocks will soon disappear because it is unneeded, dress manufacturers pointed out.

Back in the pre-war days, nearly every woman, with one eye on the movie screen and the other on the scales, aimed at a bust 32 or 34 inches and hips whittled to 34 inches. But the war has changed things… it has built up her bust to 36 or 37 inches, designers said, and filled out her hips to 37 or 38 inches.

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