Possible Alternative to Patreon?


Do to certain actions taken by Patreon over the past few months, I no longer wish to support them as a company with my money. I’m planning on closing down my Patreon account as soon as it’s possible to do so. I don’t want to harm content creators like Time Ghost as you all shouldn’t be held accountable for Patreon’s actions when you’ve had nothing to do with them.

Are there any other options for regularly supporting Time Ghost without giving money to Pateron?


How about Indiegogo?


Via the TimeGhost website I believe you can directly subscribe with a monthly amount, same as Patreon.


Doesn’t that still go through Patreon though?


In the Christmas live-stream, they stated that they would not leave Patreon. Ever.

In @Indy’s words, “Without Patreon, there is no World War Two”.


I’m not asking anyone to leave Patreon, I’m asking if there is an alternative to support a content creator that I enjoy without any of my money going towards a company that supports things I personally detest.


Oh, does Indiegogo count?


Hey @drschplatt, as Indy said we will never leave Patreon. However, if you insist on not using them for your pledges, you can subscribe for the exact same benifits/tiers on our website. We’ll actually net more if you support us via our own site (timeghost.tv), since we cut out the middle man (Patreon).


Every time I’ve tried to subscribe via the timeghost site, it redirects me to Patreon. Does every subscription go through Patreon? Where exactly on the timeghost site is there an alternative to Patreon.

Also, why does everyone think I want TimeGhost to leave Patreon? I never said that. I’m not trying to make anyone else quit anything.