Portrayal of the ukrainian fighting in the red army by today russia?

Hello, fellowing the weekly release, I have to wonder how today russian propaganda portray them. I know they use the WW2 red army in their propaganda per example.
Thanks for your answers!

Ukrainian ethnic Germans brings to mind a true life-story. … My 1st Father-in-law was a Ukraine -German and was allowed to enter the USA in 1949. My wife (cute little blonde) was born here in 1955. Her father was given a rundown old farm in S.E. PA, and the family worked the field hand-n-hand mostly. I helped hoeing weeds in a cornfield. One day … humm 1972 I think, I asked “Papa” about his experience of the war back home. Never would answer me. However, one day he rolled a cigarette and sat down on the porch and out of nowhere started talked of seeing the German Army burn farms of only russians and herded people to working camps. He was considered a “friend” by Germans and given a job to guard russian prisoners during working parties. I asked him did he see shootings? Without a pause he smiled and said …“They squealed like pigs”. Tossed the butt and walked away. Later that day, Anna said, please don’t ask Papa anymore war questions. He did say once, never like or trust rasshkiets (sp) … Those were the days, oh yes those were the days …