Pope to hold consistory in secret May 12 (5-2-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (May 2, 1941)


Plea for world peace expected to be made at session


Vatican City, May 2 (UP) –
Pope Pius XII will hold a secret consistory May 12, the second of his pontificate, during which he will renew his appeals for peace and prayers for an early end of the war, well-informed Vatican quarters said today.

The consistory will be held with all the traditional splendor and pageantry of the Roman Catholic ceremony, with the Pontiff clad in white and seated on an elaborate ceremonial throne in the big Hall of Consistory.

It will differ from the first consistory in that only the Pontiff and cardinals will be permitted to attend. All others except reigning kings – and none are expected – will be excluded.

Bishops to be named

During the first consistory, in December 1939, the Pope elevated to sainthood the Italian nun, Gemma Galgani, and the French sister, Euphrasia Pelletier.

Bishops will be nominated at this consistory, it was learned, but no new cardinals will be created as a sign of mourning for a world torn by war.

The deaths of Joseph Schulte and Karl Kaspar created two vacancies io the Sacred College of Cardinals, which at present totals 53, of whom 31 are Italians and the remainder foreigners.

Distribute palliums

The Pontiff, besides nominating new bishops, will distribute palliums, bands of white wool with four purple crosses that are worn on the shoulders, which he will send to patriarchs, primates and bishops. Each year on the feast of St. Agnes, two lambs are shorn after spending a night on the tomb of St. Peter. Palliums are made from their wool.

In accordance with tradition, the Pope will deliver an allocution to the cardinals in which he will outline church matters in general and, according to well-informed sources, will call on them to appeal to the faithful in their parishes to pray for world peace and harmony.