Poem: “Thanksgiving Day!” (11-24-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 24, 1943)

Thanksgiving Day! (1943)

By Fred S. Wertenbach, Press staff writer

We thank Thee, Lord!

For little homes that nestle back
A short ways from the beaten track.

For windows where a warming light
Guides our step when comes the night.

For baby folk, whose soft arms make
Bonds of love we would not break.

For women who, with arms flung wide,
Wait to heal our hurts – and pride.

For this, our land, whose brave sons fight
On distant shores, for truth and right.

For peace to come, that fires may glow
On every hearthstone here below

For these Thy gifts; for work and play
Humbly on this Thanksgiving Day.

We thank Thee, Lord!