Pledge increase

I’m not going to increase my Patreon pledge, despite the begging email. Why? Well, I don’t think I have got what I pay for.
It’s not that I have any issues with the content we get - aside from being irritated by Astrid’s presentation style on Spies and Ties, but that’s just me. It’s just that the whole increase in focus on D-Day seems to be derailing the core focus of the channel.
Out of the Foxholes has pretty well vanished, videos are not released to Patreons on a regular basis as they were, all the specials I was used to from WWI have vanished…
Please get the focus back on the now. I’m sure the D-Day stuff will be awesome, but what captured my interest in the first place was the focus on the global war outside of my own prior knowledge.


I do agree with you that special videos are few and far between because of them focusing on the D-Day research. And hope they soon get back to releasing more specials. But they never really put out many Out of the Foxholes videos even before the D-Day research began. I do support them on Patreon but I very rarely watch the early access of their videos (just my preference).