Photos of WW2-Era planes and facts about them

I’m thinking this could possibly become a long-running thread, so I’ll get it started. Here’s me with Sweet Eloise in the background, a B-29:



I have a few photos from the 70th anniversary of VE day. The aircraft flew over Washington DC. I was near National Airport (DCA). There were a lot of airplanes. Everything from spotter aircraft to bombers. and the local paper coverage.
Near the end there was a Missing Man formation for the fallen. That is where one of the a flight of four separates from the others. My uncle was one of the one lost over Germany. He flew a B17G


My father was in the USAF after WWII (during the war he was an infantryman with the 66 Infantry Division. From 1953 to 1956 he was stationed in Guam. Liberation Day was still a big deal then. I believe that survivors of the Japanese Army were still coming out of the jungle until the 1970s.


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