Patron says I'm not able to see posts early

So I didn’t get the episode early despite being part of the tier for it. Anyone know why? If I open the app on my phone I only see the Between 2 Wars post. If I go on the computer to the site I see the new WW2 video but it’s locked.

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Same here. Not getting the posts early.

I have had the same problem. Twice last week. I sent an email to customer service last week but have not gotten a reply. It’s very frustrating!

If you’re a TIMEGHOST ARMY PRIVATE, you should be able to see TimeGhost content (like B2W) early. If you’re a TGA WW2 DIVISION PRIVATE, you should be able to see World War Two content early. Any tier upwards from TG ARMY PFC WW2 COMBO should be able to see everything early.

If the tiers still don’t match with what you’re getting, something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Please let me know in a reply. FYI, you can see the content early both on and Patreon. so even if Patreon doesn’t work, there is still an option to see the previews.

(@oodlesofpoodles0923, @georgecharlton_22985, @idigcrzychicks)

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Joram, I’m a TIMEGHOST WW2 Army Specialist . I have been able to see the early previews untill last week. The first preview would not allow me to open it up at all. The second preview allowed me to open it but then closed suddenly before it was over. I tried again to open it back up but it would not allow me to just like in the first preview. I have the correct password and email address. Thank you for your help!

I’m in the Army Private Tier. Until last week I was seeing everything early.

And to be clear, I don’t mind jumping to the next tier since it’s only 10 cents more (and I love the content). I was more upset that it happened with no clear notification and when I didn’t get the usual email about the early video it worried me.

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@idigcrzychicks @oodlesofpoodles0923 the preview for Between 2 Wars is live now. Are you guys able to watch it?

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Nope. I just switched to the $3 tier from the 2.90 one this morning


If these screenshot won’t show up for you let me know.

I checked, and you’re a TGA WW2 DIVISION PRIVATE. You should be able to see all the World War Two Previews, but not the TimeGhost (Between Two Wars) previews.

FIrst you were able to see the B2W previews, no you’ll be able to see the WW2 Previews.

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