Patreon Shoutouts?

I’m really enjoying the WW2 series so far and have been digitally and physically telling everyone I know about the show. I know that alot of the episodes have been recorded already, but at some point in the future will y’all begin doing Patreon shoutouts like TGW does? Its not a game changer, but something that incentivized me to support TGW Channel was the shoutout. Not in a selfish glory way, but more that you can hear and see appreciation from the artist whom you’re supporting. Just a thought, if there is some problem I haven’t thought of with this, as said above, not a game changer.


We want to increase our Paying-TG-Army-members-only activities across the board, including Patreon Shoutouts or same such thing that a slo works on our platform - the only thing holding us back is writing and editing until 2AM in the morning and getting up to work again on our day jobs at 7AM :wink:


It’s what I do all the time as a secondary history teacher. Why do it now when you can leave it to the last minute. Might miss some research point in the meantime.
Must be a huge task for your team but I enjoy what you are doing.