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I’ve noticed the amount of donors on Patreon is down compared to what it was a few weeks ago. I know Patreon has been caught up in a political issue that I don’t know or care enough about to comment at this time. My main concern is the impact of revenue for this project as Patreon is obviously the main source. Has there been an impact or does there look like being a detrimental one in the short term? Will keep my fingers crossed for you guys at any rate. Happy 2019/1940.


Yes that is a problem for us. Obviously, we can’t tell what motive every single individual who cancelled their subscription on Patreon had to do so, but it is quite obvious that the ‘political issue’ is to blame. Some people contacted us before terminating their pledges to explain that this was the reason. Sadly, we are almost 100% dependent on our Patreon income. Getting caught in the middle of this debate which has nothing to do with us is an unfortunate reality. I’m not sure if this will continue, I can’t oversee the scale and consequences quite yet. I hope it will blow over soon. What is sure is that our expected growth in terms of quality and output will experience some delays.


One of the problems is trying to understand what is happening. My subscription is enabled and then stopped on the same day. I have no idea if I am still paying or not? It is my intention to subscribe at US$9 but . . .
How do we check if we are still enrolled?

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It is really sad to be honest as you guys do an exceptionally brilliant job at remaining impartial yourselves. One of the reasons why I enjoyed The Great War so much was that there was no pandering to any side, promoting of certain causes beyond ones related to the channel and it was just welcoming and inviting to all who wished to learn. In an age where almost everyone shouts about how great their views are, your approach is to be commended and deserves more support.


If you are supporting us on Patreon, you should be able to see us at ‘your memberships’/‘active memberships’

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