Own BIAS discovery: Best History Assignment ever at my old Uni

Not to brag but I did study history at Uni level and got a cum laude degree as a result. And actually it was a part time hobby, my main uni degree is an MBA.

Now for the best assignment:
Reread a history book. I did one on World War 1 by Strachan. Write a term paper on the thoughts that come into your had about what you think about what you are reading.

For example I read Strachan before and I assumed he was British thus pro-British. When rereading it I test my thought continuously with what was actually there. This is called confirmation bias and we all have it whether we like it or deny it. Confirmation bias is very useful as it warns us as a something dark in a forest might be a bear or a wolve. (if that makes sense).

It does led to misreading and our bias can basically lead to very wrong conclusions or as Scott Adams (Dilbert comic writer and hypnotist) argues 2 different movies in your head depending on your political allegiance.

The value in this that it DID prove to me that I didn’t know how to read a book correctly. ;-). Other people who gave it a decent try found out as well.

It was a bit embarrassing as it kind of proved that the idea that “everyone is biased except for me” is not true. Warning: it is a confronting experience as well, but in the end does get one “less upset” in the end!

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PS feel free to PM me for more info or leave comments. It even works better on short articles or in these political divisive times everywhere just read what was ACTUALLY said/written versus what the person is writing on the blog/newspaper etc. etc. Preferable of your own party first and THEN the other party.